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Photon Energy Systems
Photon Energy Systems have been awarded an order to install and commission the first Solar Desalination Plant at BARC, Mumbai in India to produce fresh drinking water from salty sea ware. This would be the first plant of it kind in the Indian sub-continent area and combines solar thermal technology with the latest MEH process of ware purification.

The Solar Desalination plant with Multi Effect Humidification (MEH) Method, can use any type of raw warer as input and achieve a very high degree of conversion to fresh drinking water ensuring no ground ware depletion. The process uses low temperature heat of 85 for evaporation with no moving parts within the distillation chamber ensuring low maintenance demand. The sophisticated geometrical design allows easy maintenance and optimum performance at the same time. No pre-treatment of raw water is needed and is insensitive to high salt contents. This design allows for compeltely autonomous and decentralized use with no chemical pretreatment and electrical grid connnection needed. The MEH technology is supplied by Tinox-MAGE Water Management Co, a leading German company in the water desalination and purification segment.

Photon Energy Systems is one of India's oldest and leading solar company in India since 15 years, with extensive technical knowledge base and experience in projects and marketig their products all over Europe, Africa, USA and other countries. One of the few Indian solar companies to have products in all the major segments of solar energy, Photon is uniquely placed to tap the oppurtunities in both the solar power and solar water segments of the National Solar mission.

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